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"Anyone who needs a home, will get a home, and feel at home."

More About SDA Elderly Care


Mission Statement

Our mission is connecting people with needs to make a difference as we change one life at a time. We accomplish this by securing low-income housing, care homes, and resource referrals to seniors, disabled, and veterans.

SDAEC has been in business for six years and converted to a 501c3 in 2018. As a new nonprofit organization, we are creating relationships to reach out more effectively to donors and sponsors. Our long-term goal is to increase our presence in more counties.

Our board supports our housing project campaign and believes the methods used will benefit our target audience. By adding more housing providers to our network, it will serve as important building-blocks to our future successes. These elements will strengthen our organization's strategic approach.

Section 8 low-income housing offers affordable housing with a waiting list that can last up to five years or more. SDA Elderly Care Referral Service offers real solutions to this problem. Under our shared housing program, we provide immediate housing placement. Rentals start as low as $600.00 monthly including utilities.

Seniors may also place their names on the low-income housing waiting list we provide to avoid being homeless. While waiting for low-income/subsidized apartments, seniors are able to avoid homeless shelters by renting a room that is ready for immediate placement.

Over the past 6 years, we have seen that community-based housing has been proven to work. One of our strengths is the ability to house and to impact the lives of hundreds of seniors, veterans, and disabled facing homelessness.

We can provide low-income homes through our network of over 900 housing providers in our database. Our housing providers may have 1-7 rooms for rent per household. We network with many community services and social workers as our referral source. Our social worker referral source providers include, but not limited to, over 400 social workers. We also work with adult protective services, senior resource alliances, managed care insurances, assisted living facilities, hospitals, doctors offices, along with many provider networks that collaborate with us to provide services and referrals.


Christina was facing homelessness; her monthly income is only $800 per month. Her social worker told her to contact SDA Elderly Care Referral Service for help. Christina registered with us and was placed in our rapid re-housing program (room rental) under our shared housing project. We provided Christina our listing of subsidized housing which allowed her to only pay 30% of her income which goes towards her rent. Four months later, after placing her name on a waiting list for a 62 plus senior community, Christina received a phone call stating that her apartment is ready, and her rent would only be $176.00 monthly. She was thrilled and asked, "Is this for real"? the office staff worker stated, "yes", this is for real and your apartment is ready for you to move in." Christina moved into her apartment and wanted us to share her story.

Mr. Lynch is a senior on a fixed income who did not want to live alone. He asked us to find him a good home. We matched him with another senior, also not wanting to live alone. He has lived there for over three years and they stated how happy they were to have found a company that is able to meet the housing needs of seniors.

Roberta called to thank us for helping her to find a low-income apartment in Altamonte Springs, FL. She said she was facing homelessness and was referred to us for help. Last Thanksgiving was a time to reflect and to say thank you for your service.